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    Just watched the latest episode (season 7 episode 4) of the Futurama cartoon which take place 1000 years in the future. The robot character Bender is apparently a film photographer. He has a built-in tripod (as he has a third leg). Other characters question why are you using film? Digital cameras have been available for over 1000 years. Where do you even get processing? Bender unhinges his latch and has his own darkroom to make prints. Benders says, “No digital camera can capture the quality, warmth and grain of good old film.” but the Professor character claim this is silly your eyes are based on digital sensors! and there is no way you can tell the difference. 

    The gang is doomed… needs a photo to save them.

    Professor: Everybody knows when you delete a photo it’s gone forever.
    Bender: Not with film! I still have the negative! I’ll just make another print.
    (the gang is dying)
    Bender: Needs more contrast!
    (gang dead)
    Bender: this one is good, but I can still do better!
    bender makes a perfect photo and saves the gang.

    via Filmwasters

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    Bender shoots film, do you honestly need a better argument?
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    Bender shoots film!
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    What did I tell you, guys? What did I tell you? Oh, I said it on Twitter, not on Tumblr. My bad.
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